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Head Wall Units

Lighting for our well-being
Integrated systems for hospital environments

Dune produces a series of systems that integrate seamlessly into various environments and allow the designer to freely choose the type of finish for the hospital rooms.

POLIS, the small and compact power supply unit built to be hidden behind a picture, STILOS, columns already equipped or to be equipped with laminated finishes, DEMOS, the wall system with a strong aesthetic impact that outlines the area dedicated to the patient; PHILIA, the vertical "totem" that can be equipped with storage compartments and cabinets. XENIA, bed head units with facilities concealed behind a laminated front.

These, together with the historical productions of NAP, CAL A and CAL Z supplemented by the intensive care SKIA unit, by the intensive care MAXI unit and by the Easy series, make up the most complete and diverse line of bed head power supply systems.

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Headwall Units

Cal A

Bed head units for hospital rooms

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Cal Z - design by Andrea Rovatti

Bed head units for hospital rooms

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Horizontal bed head unit for hospital rooms

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Bed Head Applique for hospital rooms

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Vertical Totem

Stilos - Design By andrea rovatti

Vertical service system for ward

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Panels and headwall


Service panel for hospital rooms

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Demos design by targhetti health / Luca tomei

Bed head wall furniture and service for hospital rooms

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Headwall Units for intensive care


Bed Head unit for intensive care rooms

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Easy series

Easy rail and Totem

Elements at the patient’s service

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