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Casa di Cura Villa Donatello – Florence

Already Florentine house of the Princes Rospigliosi at the age of "Firenze Capital" until the early years of this century, in 1946 became a general hospital thanks to some ingenious and enterprising doctors. Villa Donatello is currently part of the group Fondiaria SAI and it has become a landmark of the Florentine scenery of private health care. During the renovation of a hospital plan, Dune has been chosen as a supplier of headwall Unit. Dune has made headwall Units for rooms with 2 and 1 bed using the vertical Totem Stilos 200 combined with the conventional headwall NAP.

The headwall Unit NAP acts as a general room lighting and reading lighting for patient, using respectively 54W and 24W T5 lamps, the NAP also include nurse call and switches for lights.

The vertical totem Stilos, is equipped with electrical devices (Schuko sockets) and Data Transmission; Stilos is also equipped with medical gases section installed for each bed, (oxygen and vacuum outlet. Under the medical gas outlets Stilos is equipped with a smal beam used to support related accessories to medical gases.

In Stilos is also equipped with a front illumination, it consists of a strip of blue LED, used during the night in the dark for the orientation. The Stilos installed in the double rooms presents the services on both sides, while in the sigle rooms services are only included in the patient's side.


Stilos 300

Stilos 300