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NAP is registered in the Directory of Medical Devices of the Ministry of Health with assigned sequence number 1117287. NAP is a Medical Device marked CE according to Directive 93/42CEE and is manufactured and tested in Italy.

The NAP series completes the family of hospital dedicated equipment.

NAP is made of extruded aluminium and can accommodate different light sources for direct and indirect lighting.

NAP can also house electrical outlets, control switches for lights and a nurse call button panel.
With these facilities, the bed head unit is particularly well suited for places where non-intensive and specialist care is carried out, such as geriatric institutions, nursing homes, outpatient clinics, inpatient areas, etc...

LED lighting is made with high-efficiency modules. LED Modules are sized by our technical office to provide the best light emissions based on the characteristics of the environment.

modules are installed in the unit, which guarantee a very long life of the product with high luminous efficiency and low consumption (more light generated with less power). The light is clear and brilliant, the perception of the human eye is of natural illumination. The color temperature is calibrated to provide the best compromise between patient well-being and the operational need of the ward. Light emission, on request, can be dimmable by button, DALI protocol, 1-10V switch, or smartphone/tablet APP.

General indirect lighting is usually supplied by LED Modules. A snap-fixed cover sheet of lined polycarbonate protects from dust. The reading and for medical examination light is usually supplied by LED Modules. With NAP there is also the possibility to mount a blue LED strip, to help with orientation during the night hours.

NAP is made of extruded aluminium painted in various colours to be chosen from a RAL range.
The end caps are made of self-extinguishing ABS painted the same colour.

Technical details:
1. Wall mounting
2. Electrical components housing
3. Indirect light
4. Direct light for reading and examining
5. Direct light cover plate
6. Indirect light cover plate

NAP is an electric unit ready for connection to a central point, with sockets and switches already wired to the central terminal connection. The electrical equipment can be chosen from among all the series on the market, without any constraint except to verify its compatibility, in terms of mechanical size, with the structure and the size of NAP.

For the proper identification of the primary characteristics of NAP it is recommended to:
- Determine the appropriate lighting configuration;
- Specify the position of the bedside table;
- Specify the electrical services deemed necessary

These data will be reviewed and processed by our Technical Department which will provide mechanical and electrical drawings related to the project, if necessary, adapting them to the building requirements and relevant regulations.