Medical gas distribution systems

Dune s.r.l. is the leader in the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of medical gas pipeline systems, vacuum and anesthetics gas scavenging.

For the realization of such systems Dune is certified CE MARK and it'is authorized to affix the CE mark as a medical device in Class IIA and IIB, the construction is in compliance with UNI EN ISO 7396 .

Dune s.r.l. is therefore able to undertake the manufacture of Medical Gas Distribution System in accordance with the requirements of the harmonized standards and the laws and decrees in force. All medical devices have been registered and enrolled in the repertoire of the Italian Ministry of Health.

Dune s.r.l. also builds installations for techincal gas in laboratory (nitrogen, argon, helium, hydrogen, methane, acetylene, mixtures etc.). Due to the sensitivity of the service provided to hospitals, Dune is organized to offer a total availability and thus respond to requests for maintenance work at any time (night and day including holidays).

Hard Box

Special box for the containment of medical gas outlets

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