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Stilos - design by andrea rovatti

Stilos is registered in the Directory of Medical Devices of the Ministry of Health with assigned sequence number 1117231. Stilos is a Medical Device marked CE according to Directive 93/42CEE and is manufactured and tested in a Italy.

The need in the inpatient environments to resemble the aesthetic criteria, and type of comfort to those typical of hotels, lead to the development of alternatives to the traditional system of the horizontal bed head unit.

So STILOS was designed, a vertical unit for one bed made with of a set of extruded aluminium profiles, assembled with a front cover in high pressure laminate in various finishes.

Separately stored in the two side profiles are the low-voltage, very low voltage facilities and medicinal gas pipes, without having the dimensional limits imposed by the bodies of the traditional type of bed head lighting units. STILOS must be coupled to a lighting unit capable of providing the different types of illumination generally considered necessary for the hospitalised patient (for example Nap or Artemis).

Technical details:
1. Bracket for wall mounting
2. Extruded aluminium conduit for housing the electrical and medical gas equipment
3. Extruded aluminium side profile
4. Front bracket
5. High-pressure laminate sheet

The main body consists of two extruded aluminium profiles, closed at the front by a snap on cover, painted with polymerised epoxy powder Ral 9006 colour. The upper and lower heads are laser cut aluminium, painted the same colour of the body. The front panel can be chosen in a wide range of finishes and colours and is made of high-pressure laminate, closed between two lateral wings of extruded aluminium painted the same colour as the body. ABS end caps, painted RAL 9006, are used to close the upper and lower front panel.

Each type of electrical, communication or service accessory can be installed in the lateral profiles of STILOS. Even the night lighting, obtainable with LED Modules, can be integrated in the body of STILOS so that the beam spreads from the base to illuminate the floor.

The installation is done using a bracket fixed to the wall which is already integrated in the body; the attachment of the front by magnets, guarantees an extreme ease of access to the technical compartment in case of maintenance.

Stilos is an electric unit, ready to be connected to a central point, with sockets and switches already wired to the central terminal connection. The electrical equipment can be chosen from among all the series available on the market, without any constraint except to verify its compatibility, in terms of structural size, with the structure and the size of STILOS.

For proper identification of the primary characteristics of STILOS it is recommended to: - Specify the electrical facilities deemed necessary;
- Specify the set ups relating to the medical gas system;
- Specify the finish of the front panel;
- Specify, if necessary, the lighting unit to be integrated with STILOS.

These data will be reviewed and processed by our Technical Department which will provide mechanical and electrical drawings related to the project, if necessary, adapting them to the building requirements and relevant regulations.

Stilos 200: classic model with front cover without light points
Stilos 300: model with light point in the front cover