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Polis is registered in the Directory of Medical Devices of the Ministry of Health with assigned sequence number 1117234. Polis is a Medical Device marked CE according to Directive 93/42CEE and is manufactured and tested in Italy.

POLIS is a flexible project to ensure that the bed head has the necessary facilities such as electricity and medical gas system terminal units, telecommunications and data communication utilities, everything with a rationally designed body, with aluminium technical profiles in simple compositions to cover any structural requirement.

POLIS can be mounted on the outer wall or recessed into the wall. In case of intensive use of the utilities, instead of the sliding front panel it is advisable to fix an aluminium frame finish.

For proper identification of the primary characteristics of POLIS it is recommended to:
- Specify the electrical facilities deemed necessary;
- Specify the set ups relating to the medical gas system;
- Specify, if necessary, the lighting unit to be integrated with POLIS.

These data will be reviewed and processed by our Technical Department which will provide mechanical and electrical drawings related to the project, if necessary, adapting them to the building requirements and relevant regulations.

Technical details:
Example of composition recessed into the wall with three profiles:
1. Steel sheet box for recessing
2. Aluminium profile
3. Housing for low voltage conductors
4. Compartment for communication and data wires
5. Housing for medical gas piping
6. Aluminium closing frame
7. Gas compartment aluminum snap-on cover
8. Low voltage compartment aluminium snap-on cover
9. Low voltage compartment aluminium snap-on cover

The main body is made from a composition of extruded aluminium profiles, closed on the front by a snap on cover, painted with polymerised epoxy powder, standard colour RAL 9006 gray.
The profiles contain and distribute medical gases, low voltage and very low voltage systems.
The aluminium profiles and the magnetic frame finish are fitted to the box.