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SKIA Easy Rail and Totem

Easy RAIL TOTEM is registered in the Directory of Medical Devices of the Ministry of Health with assigned serial number 1117146 Easy RAIL TOTEM is a Medical Device marked CE according to Directive 93/42CEE and is manufactured and tested in Italy

Elements at the patient’s service

Easy is a flexible project, intended for all those environments that require facilities for the patient provided by a simple and cheap element.
Easy consists of extruded aluminium profiles, closed at the front by a snap on cover, painted with polymerised epoxy powder in standard colour RAL 9003. The profiles contain and distribute medical gases, low voltage and very low voltage systems.

The profiles are closed by aluminium covers, painted like the body. Easy is an electric unit ready for connection to a central point, with sockets and switches already wired to the central terminal connection. The electrical equipment can be chosen from among all the series available on the market, without any constraint except to verify its compatibility, in terms of structural size, with the structure and the size of Easy. Our technical department is available to evaluate the most appropriate solution.

The easy family consists of the following models:
- Easy RAIL where the orientation of the bed head is traditional and the unit is installed horizontally at the "head of the bed"
- Easy TOTEM where the orientation is vertical and the unit is installed next to the bed or in the middle, shared between two beds.