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The Tower allows a distribution plant from the ceiling, thus leaving freedom of movement around the patient. It is particularly suitable for the operating theatre, emergency room, radiology and can be integrated in any service where they need suspended electrical outlets and gas outlets. The special construction allow rational solution according with current safety regulations.

The distribution of the gas treatment is completely separate from the electrical system and is made with rigid copper pipes welded silver alloy without joints, flexible attacks or false joints. This is made possible thanks to two coaxial pipes steel hanging from the ceiling; in the central flow the gas pipes, in the outer one the electrical part.

The box gas, in aluminum, is attached under colum. Each outlet is protected from thermal breaker, each metallic element is connected to earth. The Tower can be equipped with any type of electrical outlets and gas. It 'also possible to install pressure gauges, vacuum gauges, took anesthetic gas scavenging, electronic controls and whatever else needs.